Multicultural Representation in Law Enforcement: Recruitment, Retention, and Promotion

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MULTICULTURAL REPRESENTATION IN LAW ENFORCEMENT: RECRUITMENT, RETENTION, AND PROMOTION INTRODUCTION Multicultural is related to several cultures in society, and educational theory that encourages interest in many cultures within a society rather than a mainstream culture. The Impact of Cultural Diversity in law enforcement is hard to uphold, currently in law enforcement it’s hard to keep officers because of the lack of interest that goes on, pay grade, and taking too long to rank up within the field. I notice the continuously open application for officers because of the employment. Recruitment for officers have slowed down as well, some departments are willing to take on people who just have a high school diploma. The recruitment…show more content…
This is not proportional to the number of minority members of any given community, town or city. Visible minorities are likely to be shot more often, and to be killed more often by white police officers. Further, at each trial no jury members serving on the jury were black, and after the verdicts of acquittal were given to the court no further attempts were made toward appeals in the cases. Systemic racism, or when racism is built into the fabric of any institution, operates within any given system independently. (Aylward, A.C. 1999) In 1989, Cole Harbour High School students became concerned after a large brawl occurred, in which the police charged more black students than white students for fighting Black teens were also pepper sprayed during this incident. Later, in 1991, Halifax bars refused entry of black patrons. In response to this the chief of police set up an ad hoc Incident Review Committee of both police & civilian members for allegations of racism or excessive force. Civilians also participate in sitting on the committee. (Aylward, A.C. 1999) Although it may appear that systemic discrimination and racism have decreased in recent years, in reality, many minority individuals are negatively affected by the actions of the police, and the miscarriages of justice carried out in the Canadian court system even today. Even though stringent guidelines are in

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