Multicultural Society

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Multicultural Society.

The retrospective view of human history shows that it has always been a moving and mixing of peoples caused by different reasons. For centuries the intervention of cultures grew reciprocally. As a result of this process people now have mixed cultures and many intercultural conflicts. The United States is a great example of a pluralistic society made up of many different cultures and nationalities. It is a nation that is composed of people who came here from around the world. In the 20th century, after new immigration laws were enforced, two opposing trends became obvious: the one state that America is multicultural; the other claims that America is monoculture.
Ishamel Reed, a popular and well-known African
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As well as Reed, Schlesinger describes America as a nation made up of different cultures and ethnicities. "We have always been a multiethnic country" , writes the author. He also traces back the creation and evolution of the American culture, and estimates the present contradictory character of it. Both authors speak in unison about the uniqueness of American culture. Schlesinger quotes the French author of the 18th century who said: "Here individuals of all nations are melted into a new race of men." If Reed describes blurring of cultural styles in America as "a cultural bouillabaisse", Schlesinger names it "The melting pot" . Moreover, Schlesinger admits the healthy consequences of new immigrations laws. He is against racism and discrimination of minorities and salutes the recognition of achievements of those groups, which were subordinated "during the high noon of Anglo dominance."
Nevertheless, the author is threatened by the fact that dividing the country along different cultures, idolizing of ethnicities, and welcoming group separatism will lead to very bad consequences. "Group separatism crystallizes the differences, magnifies tensions, and intensifies hostilities." According to Schlesinger, America has always been a country where many different cultures get along together without any serious visible problems due to their assimilation to American culture, values, laws, customs, and beliefs. Schlesinger conveys
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