Multicultural Teams Case Study

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1.3.5 Challenges in managing a multicultural teams:

Managing a multicultural team involves many challenges for the manager. – when a multicultural team comes together for a task , they produce superior problem-solving and quality decision-making which result in better customer service, competitiveness and success.

1. Research indicates that Multicultural teams may be affected by conflict and problems in communication. However, the resolution of conflict may bring better quality solutions while managing a multicultural team, the managers must realise the positive impact and reduce the occurrence of conflict to minimize the negative impact.

2. It is seen that a multicultural team due to the lack of interpersonal similarity may break into
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The flow of information is crucial to a team as it helps them to make quality decisions. The team members must be able to share information and must be aware of the different ways the team members may present their knowledge.

5. It is said that the impact of managing a multicultural team is that the diversity in the team can lead to an increase in the cognitive processes in the organisation. It also helps in better use of information in the team.

1.3.6 Culturally sensitive team management:

When a leader has to manage a culturally diverse team, the leader must ensure productivity with effectiveness of team. Most leaders emphasise on human factors such as building a sense of accomplishment, good workplace relationships, continuous learning and career development.

The manager who deals with a culturally sensitive team has to consider the following:
• Selecting and structuring teams
• Working with existing diverse teams
• Resourcing teams
• Measuring team performance

1. Selecting and structuring teams: A team must be structured with a diverse workforce with the required skills and experience. The teams may be structured using existing diversity data, selecting candidates with the right set of skills and
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