Multicultural Training

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For the article review, it will be an overview of the qualitative study created by the journal of multicultural counseling and development. It will also go into a little detail about who are frontline human services providers and what do they do when it comes to the field of human services. The article review also takes a look at the lack of multicultural training for frontline human service providers and how more training would become more necessary for them to need when it comes to dealing with clients different from them. It will review the measures that were used for the study, sample, summary of the results, and it will also talk about the seven themes when it comes to multicultural competence. This article review will be a study analysis…show more content…
The authors used to measures for the article which were the multicultural training and experiences questionnaire and the personal definition of multicultural competency question. The multicultural training and experiences questionnaire was used to report their training experiences and they also had to respond to the four questions that came with the questionnaire. Participants response were coded on a four point scale and were also asked to report their level of multicultural training and experience (1=no training and experience, 4=extensive training and experience). For the results to participants’ responses to question one on the questionnaire, 57% of the participants had moderate multicultural training experience, 29% had little training, 9% had extensive training, and 5% had no training (Caldwell et al., 2008). For the results to participants’ responses for questions two through four, 72% of the participants had moderate working experience with people of different race and ethnicities while also not having any experience providing services to people of refugee status. In the personal definition of multicultural competence questionnaire, participants were given an open ended question explaining what they believe to be the definition of cultural competence for human service providers and also asked to…show more content…
What I like the most about the article was the study being conducted to see how much knowledge and training do human service providers have in multicultural competence. It’s very disappointing to see the lack of mental health professionals who are not getting enough training in multicultural competence. As an upcoming graduate that is about to enter in the field of psychology very soon, it’s important to me that I have the necessary training and knowledge in multicultural competence training. Today, when it comes to working with people of a different race, religion, and sexual orientation; mental health professionals don’t have a clue of what they’re doing. I believe that mental health professionals have a hard time providing services to people that are very different from
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