Multiculturalism And A Multicultural Society

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Multiculturalism and Social diversity is so important and yet so many people still carry around the race card. Social diversity and multiculturalism is more prevalent in the justice system than anything else in society today. According to the ABA the African-America race faces an incarceration rate that is six times that of whites.
As a criminal justice professional we must be aware of social issues. There are two reason why social awareness is important, the first is when a group of people is alienated from a system because of disparities, that groups distrust with the system will grow. The ABA has linked systemic racial disparities with communities of color with distrust in the US legal system. Secondly, awareness of social difference
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(Multiculturalism & Social Diversity in the Criminal Justice System. (n.d.). Retrieved September 22, 2015.)
The diversity and police recruitment represents a community police force. Many police departments initiate diversity recruitment programs. Police began focusing recruiting efforts on minorities by directly contracting candidates and working with local community associations.
I do think it is very important for each professional in the criminal justice field to be aware of the responsibilities that are associated with society. The most important thing is the ethic code. Each career or job has their own specific set of ethics to stand by. When we move up into a higher field like the criminal justice and law we must possess these types of ethics for the simple reason that if we live by protecting and live by helping the law and abiding by the law and what we learn then we will never be wrong. I say this because the law is a set of standards in palace for everyone and everyone must abide by them, however; those rules can be broken at any point in time by anyone. Every criminal justice professional makes extremely serious decisions all the time when they are on the front line or in the office. They make decisions that will impact the rest of our lives and it’s critical that they do what is right and take any biases out of any situation.
Today we watch a lot of television shows that included the law and
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