Multiculturalism And Diversity As An Agent Of Change

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Multiculturalism and Diversity Abstract Cultural diversity is the ?homogenization of cultures? while multiculturalism leadership starts within and ? describes the existence, acceptance, or promotion of multiple cultural traditions within a single jurisdiction (wikipedia).?? Organization success depends on ability to embrace diversity and realize the benefits which will increase significantly in the coming years. Introduction According to Encyclopedia of Business ?the most common traits used to identify the level of multiculturalism are age, sex, ethnicity, physical ability, race and sexual orientation.?? This paper lays the foundation for the concept of multiculturalism and diversity as an agent of change. To begin, this paper provides an overview of community building practices as stated by Kouzes & Posner (2012). It identifies three different culture outside my country. Along the way, the paper uses contingency theory to identify a contemporary leader who has worked in a global context. Also, it provides an example of a cultural diverse team. An overview of community building practices as stated in Kouzes and Posner Kouzes and Posner (2012) state, ?Leaders make sure that people know they are being paid attention to and not being taken for granted? (p. 318). According to the authors, leadership practices enhances skills and abilities. The concept of leadership entails assembling and motivation of group members to
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