Multiculturalism And Media Analysis

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While American mainstream media has often been notorious and often ridiculed for being directed towards specifically white audiences, the rise of populations of color has recently altered the target audience of media industries. While minorities have made up the population long before, only recently have industries paid attention to the needs and desires of other non-white individuals. Thus, the panelists featured in “Millennials, Multiculturalism and Media: What the Audience Wants / Convergence” expand upon the significance, current methods and improvements needed when incorporating multiculturalism into American mainstream media.
In order to understand the impact of multiculturalism in mainstream media, the panelists first describe who the
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One point that is mentioned in the video is how the film industries still refuse to include diverse casts because of their belief that having such casts will hinder ticket sales of a production. Therefore, this fear has led the movie industry to produce less diverse casts in comparison to the television industry. Xing, on one hand, states that there is a “lack of specific data” to determine how audiences respond to ethnic images (11). Thus, Xing believes that it is too soon to make the judgement that audiences will not watch productions with diverse…show more content…
In order to appeal to such diverse populations and their tastes, several shows that realistically portray ambicultural lifestyles have begun to air on television networks. In spite of the progress made so far for diversity in American media, the panelists still determined several areas where media industries still have yet to change in order to weaken the power of white-dominated media whether that be redefining historical notions regarding race or limiting the amount of white staff within media outlets. While the panelists featured in the video all share similar beliefs and arguments for appealing to multicultural audiences, there are also many other scholarly sources and online articles that point out similar key issues. Despite the focus on Asian American representation within the articles, the same arguments are made by the panelists because several other minorities have experienced the same struggle to achieve more exposure in an industry that is still heavily dominated by
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