Multiculturalism And The Future Of Multiculturalism

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ABSTRACT Despite the all evidences that politics is allowing all kind of cultural diversity to grow within same territory. Those countries which have different cultures are trying to make their state a multicultural state in order to live with peace, for growth and development. This paper discusses about the past present and future of multiculturalism. Cultural diversity from very beginning was existing in different nation There are Jews in Germany, Poles in Ireland, Asians in Canada and so on but the level at which Multiculturalism have reached today became a political issue for those countries which have cultural diversities. People of different cultural diversity are enjoying the same rights and people are practicing different cultures as and extended form of their liberty. People have the freedom to do whatever they want but with in the framework of laws.So the people are exercising the libety of practicing their own culture.There is a discussion about remarkable history of multiculturalism, present position of multiculturalism and the future of multiculturalism. There is advancement is polity for a better sustainment of a country with diversity in culture of people. This popular master narrative is too quick to herald the death of multiculturalism, and mischaracterizes the nature of the experiments undertaken, exaggerates the extent to which they have been abandoned, and misidentifies not only the limitations encountered but also the options for addressing these
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