Multiculturalism And The United States

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The concept of multiculturalism is a very important concept in modern societies, which include culturally diverse groups. Those groups have problems about the unity in the framework of diversity, and harmony in the context of respect for difference. United states and Europe are totally different in their multiculturalism styles. Since the concept of multiculturalism provides us with a legal and cultural framework and social coexistence positive among the diverse citizens culturally, it raises the need to examine multiculturalism in Europe and United States.

Thirty years ago, it was considered by many Europeans that multiculturalism (society being diverse and united at the same time), is the answer to social problems in Europe. Today, however, many believe that the raising number of immigrants is the cause of those problems. This perception prompted many people to speak out against multiculturalism and talk about the risks. That perception has fueled the success of far-right parties and populist politicians across Europe, from the Freedom Party in the Netherlands to the National Front in France.
How did this transformation? According to the critics of multiculturalism, Europe has allowed large numbers of immigrants without paying attention to the issue of the integration of the European body that number, which led to the erosion of social cohesion and undermine national identities, and declining public confidence in politicians.
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