Multiculturalism, Cultural, And Cultural Culture

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Define multiculturalism, cultural, race, worldview, cultural pluralism, cultural deficit, and post-structuralism. Multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is a philosophical movement to ensure all members of a pluralistic society are reflected in the organization or school. Cultural. Cultural refers to the shared beliefs, behaviors, and values by a human group. Race. Race relates to the physical characteristics of a person. World View. World view is based a person’s view of an person or society and their point of view. Cultural Pluralism. Cultural pluralism is where micro groups exist in the larger group or society they are a part of. They maintain their unique identities. Cultural Deficit. In education, a cultural deficit refers to a model where others view students that were minority or poor as deficient due to differences in language, attitudes towards school, and social attitudes and practices. Post Structuralism. Post structuralism is a philosophical response to structuralism. Do you agree with Rosado’s definition of multiculturalism? Would you add or delete information to/from his definition? I do not totally agree with Rosado’s (1996) definition of multiculturalism. Specifically, I don’t believe it’s necessary to acknowledge a person’s differences. Quite frankly, I would be horrified. I believe it is important to give every person an opportunity based on qualifications and the needs of the organization. Rosado (1996) also writes in his
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