Multiculturalism Has Had a Rough Start

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But is it true? What about those who cannot integrate? What about all those people who look down at the immigrants and always blame them for the bad things there happening? And is it a strong society if it cannot provide its citizens?
In Denmark we are having a hard time accepting our immigrants. We blame them for almost everything. But it is not our immigrants in general; it is primarily those from the Middle East. If the immigrants come from Sweden, France, England and so on, we have no problems with them. We do not blame them for those things there going bad, but why? Is it because of the cultural differences, or is it just easier to blame the Arabs after 9/11?
In the UK and the US they have more success by integrating the immigrants, but they do as well experience the same problems with the immigration of Arabs. I believe that it is a result of the huge media covering of the terror situation in the world. And as long as the media are exhibiting people from the Middle East as terrorists there will be a general negative opinion about the Arab people, and therefore the accepting of the people from Arabian will be difficult. The problem with the immigrants is the missing integration of them in the society. But the Danes cannot be blamed for this, because the immigrants are trans-national. What I mean by that is very simple: the immigrants care more for the countries they escaped and the…
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