Multiculturalism In Australia

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Multiculturalism is one of Australia’s most recognizable features around the world. The history of Australia is a changing and complex history of immigration, which supports the economic construction and social development of the country. Correspondingly, cultural differences and ethnic conflicts also plague the development process throughout Australia. Freedom and human rights are the basic criteria for the success of a multicultural society, which promotes the establishment of values of personal dignity, mutual respect and freedom and equality (Abbasi-Shavazi & Mcdonald, 2000). Freedom under this kind of background is just like what Nelson Mandela said, “For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that…show more content…
From the point of the present situation of the racial and ethnic relations in Australia, although in the multicultural context, multiculturalism is largely remains at the theoretical level, multiculturalism is generally accepted and promoted, but racial discrimination still exists (Prakrithi, 2016). Josie in the book has been just in this condition. she will discuss racial problems in Kurt's dating relationship, she will be worried about the conflict between Kurt because of her Italian ancestry, because in many parts of life, she will be discriminated because of being not from Australia, so she will worry and fear. More importantly, her mother was pregnant before marriage at a young age, and her dad abandoned her mother and went off alone, so the people around more look down upon her. And her grandmother, who had always been strict with her, regulated her everywhere but she wanted to escape from her grandmother's supervision. Therefore, she will have different contradictions and collisions with the society, family and lover. life has exercised her, she will be distressed, and also will grow. In the the book Looing For Alibandi she says, "one day I will go out, to run away, to be free, to live for myself. Not as an Australian, not as an Italian...To liberate from the control of parents, to get the right to leave."(Marchetta, 1992). A girl of seventeen, after experiencing dissonant cases with ambient conditions, her personal consciousness became awakened,
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