Multiculturalism In Australia

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The appeal for multiculturalism in Australia

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has stated that “Australia is the world’s most successful multicultural nation”. As we know, Australia is well-known as a multicultural and racial-harmony-country. The multiculturalism refers to the combination of different culture and races. And it benefits people with different cultural background and eventually protect national interest. Cultural variety is significant in Australia. It is obvious that multi-culture can be seen in every workplace, school, etc and we can learn a lot from different culture. Freedom does not mean to get rid of society rules or do whatever you want regardless of the consequences. Therefore, everyone should show their respect towards other’s cultural background such as language and religion and this is the true meaning of freedom.
Firstly, multiculturalism inevitably lead to some disputes in Australia. However, if we can be respectful towards other’s culture and eventually reduce conflict of culture. Sometimes, religion faith can decide lifestyle and ideology of others. Every religion has their faith and rites. Based on the Australia bureau of statistics’ survey (2011), there were above five hundred diverse tribe groups or nation around the state, over five million people believe in Catholicism, these represent 25.3% of the largely Australian inhabitants and the biggest solitary Christian cathedral, a lot of with idiosyncratic culture, viewpoint and language. As
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