Multiculturalism Is A Significant Issue For The Modern World

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Multiculturalism is a significant issue for the modern world because it reflects the changing views on culture in general. This phenomenon is typical of those countries where there is the coexistence of different cultures, which did not follow the path of assimilation and preserved, and continue to cultivate their own identity and uniqueness. Moreover, many different cultures were able to create their own special cultural spaces in contemporary Britain. However, the ambiguity of the results of evaluation of multiculturalism, coupled with the erosion of the notion of British identity gave a rise to discussions about the effectiveness of government policies against migrants. Furthermore, the issue was raised about the crisis of multiculturalism and the revision of multiculturalism policy. However, in the second half of the twentieth century, the United Kingdom pursued a policy of integration of migrants from the former colonies. It has become an essential part of multiculturalism, an ideology, which is based on a number of fundamental principles and values, namely, equality of rights, tolerance, and political correctness, the fight against xenophobia, nationalism and discrimination, preservation of cultural characteristics of ethnic and religious minorities. Realization of ideas of multiculturalism has been consistent, based on the relevant institutions and legal framework. For quite a short historical period of time scale in the former metropolis have created a notable number
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