Multiculturalism : Is It A Issue?

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Over the years multiculturalism has fast become a pressing issue in our modern world. Especially in the western world where liberal democracy is embraced as the dominant philosophy. As Globalization occurs the borders between countries previously writ in stone are now blurred. Globalization has increased the inter-connectedness of our world. The world appears to have become smaller. Mankind as a species has become more interconnected than ever before, due to technological advancements, such as the internet or the airplane. With it becoming easier to travel and emigrate overseas, we are having to deal with new problems, the most pressing of which is multiculturalism. As the cultures of our world collide, we are forced to ask ourselves a question. Should we force others to assimilate into our culture and accept our way of life or should we embrace multiculturalism? Helping and encouraging cultures to maintain their own beliefs and identity. This is the approach that most states/individuals take to multiculturalism. However this in itself causes it’s on problems. To what extent should states interfere to protect cultures? By interfering does the state override Liberalisms key tenancies of freedom and equality? This essay aims to highlight some of the challenges that Multiculturalism can cause for Liberal States. It will also explain while even though Multiculturalism does cause challenges, it is not impossible to make work. Multiculturalism is something that liberal states
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