Multiculturalism Is The Fundamental Act That All Residents Are Equal

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Multiculturalism is defined as the number of people living from a different background of religion, caste, color, knowledge in one country. Canada is the multicultural country where different people from a different culture or ethnic living together. Canada’s official policy establishes the multiculturalism where Canada gives equal respect to all religion, racial and cultural background.
Canada is the multicultural nation who receives immigrants from different cultures. Canada multiculturalism act is the fundamental act that all residents are equal. Multiculturalism makes certain that all residents from a different background can keep their religion, identities, and culture. This multiculturalism in Canada encourages the acceptance of
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Racialization is the issue where an individual treat differently due to their features such as color. Due to multiculturalism, policing is the issue where police stop and frisk a person based on their identities and skin color especially, marginalized individuals or blacks. Blacks are considered to stop and search more frequently by the police due to color. Blacks are more in number to be search and arrest than the white communities.
For example, in Canada "34 percent of black men have been stopped by the police as a contrast to 28 percent of whites” (Wortley and Akwasi, 2011:398). About "23 percent of black respondents searched on multiple occasions compared with 8 percent of whites" (Wortley and Akwasi, 2011:398).
Racism is the issue in the society where a person holds a negative racial stereotype against other community. Racial policing is defined as the treatment of a person based on their race, color, and origin. The police often stop and frisk blacks due to over-representation of blacks in crime, drugs, and disorder. The black people have repeatedly come in contact with the police during the search and stop. The rate of stop and frisk is higher amongst blacks, compared with whites because the police may believe that black commit more serious crime than whites. The black male often faces disproportionate stop and frisk, discrimination, harassment, excessive use of force, and brutality.
Neo-liberalism is the process of
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