Multiculturalism Is The Preservation Of Different Cultures Or Cultural Identities Within A Unified Society?

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Multiculturalism is the preservation of different cultures or cultural identities within a unified society, as a state or nation (, 2013). Canada is a country full of many different ethnicities and cultures, but even though Canada is housing them, it’s just not working. Problems in multiculturalism are most prominent in three areas, the communities, the schools and the workforce. Multiculturalism in the communities are facing struggle because of the cities’ appeal to new immigrants and because of the segregation in ethnic enclaves. Multiculturalism in the schools is evident when unfair religious accommodations are made and when schools are stereotyped based on the racial majority. The workforce faces problems in multiculturalism because of the employers employing visible minorities which creates segregation and because many immigrants’ credentials are being looked over and given worse positions. Multiculturalism is not working in Canada based on the discrimination, stereotypes and segregation evident in the communities, schools and the workforce. Canada accepts roughly 250,000 immigrants each year (Press, 2008), yet over half of the immigrants choose to live in one of Canada’s three major cities; Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Studies found that people from the Middle East and Asia are more likely to live in urban areas while people from Europe are more likely to live in rural areas. This raises many problems, since the top 3 sources of immigration to
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