Multiculturalism Is Truly A Weapon Ran By Political Aspects Of Multicultural Education

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Multiculturalism Multiculturalism is defined in itself as it relates to a society made up of different ethnic backgrounds accepting all regardless of their race, the language they speak, their religion, and their believes. There are many faces of multiculturalism as it can refer to “A demographic fact, a particular set of philosophical ideas, or a specific orientation by government or institutions toward a diverse population.” (Bloemraad, 2011) Multiculturalism is truly a weapon ran by political aspects. Multicultural education is build up to create equal education opportunities for all culture students including ethnic and diverse racial. The main goal for multicultural education is to obtain knowledge and skills needed to communicate and interact with others from different cultures. The purpose if this is to create a better society for moral purposes. However, there are disadvantages and advantages when it comes to multiculturalism. It is important for teachers to do extreme research before teaching their students about different cultures. I recommended for teachers to have a guest speaker from the culture they are currently teaching in order for the students to comprehend and connect to that particular culture background. Nonetheless, multicultural education is a education movement built upon American values. The problem with multicultural education is not all people feel the same way towards it. When it comes to classroom learning, the population of a certain
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