Multiculturalism, Racial, Religious, And Values

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Multiculturalism means diversity of cultures that includes: racial, religious, and values. This topic is now frequently discussed between our public schools and media that among directly affect our community. In Hasia Diner essay, “Some Problems with ‘Multiculturalism;’ or ‘The Best Laid Plans…” she argues that multiculturalism is a very unequal topic in society, which many people really do not know what it is. Diner wrote the essay in response to those who have misconceptions toward multiculturalism besides to social and economic climate, a situation that created a heated controversy among American society. Diner is describing about her disappoint about multiculturalism. As Diner notes, multiculturalism is hailed by contemporary requirements between teaching and learning the culture. However, Diner argues toward majorities of people who are being divided between social economics.
Multiculturalism is the cure to minority and majority students in our school because the education is more diverse. Everything begins with efforts from other ethnic leaders that enrich and educate families in poor neighborhoods from other cultures; they provide them with equal opportunities as a minority people receive in America. The more she experience living with plenty of diversity of people; and she saw the odd side of multiculturalism. Diner writes, “By suggesting that students will do better and will learn more if they can express intense emotions about such “hot” topics as race and gender
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