Multiculturalism Should Not Be Accepted

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Multiculturalism can be defined as the promotion of the mixture of different cultural, religious and linguistic group which include the idea of equal respect toward differences and acceptance of the contribution of immigrants to a country (Zanca, 2015). It has been considered as a controversial topic which has been debated from the middle of the 20th century especially in European countries and in Australia. In discussing to what extent should cultural differences be accepted in a multicultural society, many agree that multiculturalism should be accepted if there is acceptance, tolerance of diversity and the new migrants learn to language of the majority and bring economic benefits to their new country. On other hand, it is argued that multiculturalism should not be accepted because of the negative influence that it can bring if there is no immigration control, acceptance of diversity as well as stereotyping of the minorities.
The first support for the position that cultural difference should be allowed is if there is tolerance and acceptance of diversity by each individual in the society. One of the reasons that support the existence of multiculturalism is that it can enrich the culture of both the migrants and the concurrent citizen. For example, in Australia, it is suggested that 60% of the opinions showed that cultural diversity brings good opportunities to engage with food or traditional activities from other cultures while the rest of the opinion showed that it brings
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