Multiculturalism : The New Reality Of Canada

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“Multiculturalism exists when people accept and encourage many cultures to thrive in a society. Multiculturalism can lead to many great outcomes, including racial and ethnic harmony, which simply means that people from different backgrounds get along well together. Living with and accepting different cultures helps us understand each other and discourage hatred and violence.” () Furthermore, various ethnic groups introduce their individual beliefs, traditions, as well as, religions to the Canadian society. Generally speaking, be part of an expanding multicultural society has impacted Canada economically, demographically and socially. Thus, the presence of the variety of different cultures, languages and heritages, results in the need for the county to adapt and change, based on the new reality of Canada. With Canada’s demographic constantly increasing, significant changes are bound to occur within the economy. In particular, marketers will need to comprehend the changing Canadian identity, resulting in the need for the economy to adapt to the new reality of Canada. Thus, there is a need for marketers to change their marketing methods, when approaching the cultural differences. “Children are learning about different cultures at a young age, and as marketers we need to pick up on that because they are our future customers. We need to recognize that the definition of who is Canadian—or what it means to be Canadian—is changing.” (Daniels 13 Dec. 2014) Thus, understanding the
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