Multiculturalism and Discrimination in the Classroom

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The world was once made up of black and white nations. The color of one’s skin was an indication of where someone came from. This was most likely the scenario of the world, at the very least, a hundred years ago. Racism was rampant and very public throughout the world, but now racism is not as transparent especially in the United States. For this reason people must become more open and attuned to different attitudes held by individuals. One area where racism should be looked at is in classrooms. It is well documented that people have preferences or cognitive preferences without even realizing it. A teacher therefore, has extremely powerful ability to not only give certain children preferences but also treat students different with or…show more content…
Every human being there is subconscious tendencies that one will feel safer and more at home with people of like-mindedness. (166) These tendencies translate to similar backgrounds. The affects are discriminatory ideology within each neighborhood. Unless schools aggressively try to diversify itself within schools the ideals and mindsets of students will not weaver nor will the mindsets of a community. Within schools the ideals of teachers can often weaver how students function. A study by Daniela de Souza Canovas and Deisy das Graças de Souza found that although teachers might have the best intentions for each student they may set opinionated mind sets. This is especially true when teachers have Latinos, blacks and in some cases women. It has been by the study by Canovas and Souza to find that students perform in lower standards when teachers mention that Latinos, blacks or women are statistically proven to have done poorer then whites or Asians. This pretense makes it possible those students who have teachers that believe will performer lower will in fact perform below average just because a teacher plants the seed of inferiority. In contrast with the same questions, some tells students of the same race that Latinos or blacks perform better on these types of test they performer higher. This presents an argument that if a teacher off hand says something in relation towards performance of certain groups it will affect student outcomes. Probably the best
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