Multiculturalism in the United States Essay

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Colleges and universities should emphasize the diverse culture we live in. This position can be validated through the passages written by Mike Rose's "Lives on the Boundary" and Adrienne Rich's "What Does a Woman Need to Know." The following two quotes exemplify Mr. Rose's and Ms. Rich's point of view illustrating this topic. A quote from Mike Rose affirms "We are in the middle of an extraordinary social experiment: the attempt to provide education for all members of a vast pluralistic democracy."(Rose, 117) In another quote Ms. Rich states, "For no woman is really an insider in the institutions fathered by masculine consciousness."(Rich, 69) Our society is made up of various cultural groups. Colleges and Universities are a microcosm of…show more content…
This means a significant part of the curriculum is out of reach for many of these immigrants. Classical literature such as Shakespeare, Homer, and Faulkner, to name a few, have become the customary literature books used in schools. American education, in many cases, has denied our diverse population the use of these great books. Many students struggle with classical literature because it is irrelevant in their lives. Classical literature must be taught with student's diversity in mind. If a person is not from the Dominant Culture, he or she will have little or no interest in the great books described above since these books were written for and by this culture. Motivating the diverse culture of students in today's schools requires sparking their interest. Social historian Elizabeth Ewen wrote "it is what we are excited about that educates us."(Rose, 106) Mike Rose became interested in the classics, or great books, through Jack McFarland, a high school teacher. Mr. McFarland influenced Rose through accepting him, developing a relationship with him, and being understanding. With such diversity in our schools, educators must have a basic understanding of their students' background and skill levels in order to better explain and teach the students of different backgrounds within their classrooms. Diversity in our society is here to stay. Therefore educational systems need to find innovative ways
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