Multiculturalism in the United States Essay examples

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Multiculturalism in the United States The side in opposition to multiculturalism firmly believes that it weakens America by keeping immigrants from adequately assimilating to the core values of America’s Anglo Protestant identity. This side believes that multiculturalism weakens the “social bond” of the United States by denying that immigrants need to assimilate to the language and values of the country’s dominant culture. The rise of non-English speaking communities is seen as a detrimental factor in the goal of achieving unity in American culture. Opponents state that immigrants coming to the United States must always lose their previous culture from their country of origin, to be able to completely assimilate to and fully embrace…show more content…
Elan Journo explains in his article, “Multiculturalisms War on Education”: Multiculturalism seeks to obliterate the value of a free, industrialized civilization by declaring that such a civilization is no better than primitive tribalism. We are opposed to this Some opponents argue that multiculturalism is actually racism in disguise. In their opinion, the meaning of multiculturalism is that “an individual’s identity and personal worth are determined by ethnic/racial membership—not by his own choices and actions” (Rand). This leads to the impression that a person’s identity is determined by skin color, and therefore people separate into ethnic groups. Those in opposition to multiculturalism believe that college students have become racial separatists, that they form “self-segregated” dormitories and choose friends based on ethnicity. The supporting side also believes that multiculturalism in education is an essential part of college. Studies have found that appreciation for diversity is lacking on college campuses. Evidence shows that among the growing tensions on college campuses, “multiculturalism remains the most unresolved issue on campus [in the US] today” (Bikson & Law p. 91). Frequent campus reports of racially-motivated hate crimes imply that this remains a huge issue. Proponents
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