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Multiculturism is a philosophy which appreciates ethnic diversity within a society and that encourages people to learn from the contribution of those of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Though culture is seen as ‘‘a richly rewarding area to pursue,’’ it is none- theless ‘‘a woefully complex maddeningly dynamic phenomenon’’ (Faure & Rubin, 1993, p. 228)(5). “Unity in diversity” is the perfect principle based on which any organisation succeeds. It is known fact that employees from various cultures contribute more effectively to organisations success than organisation working with single culture employees. But the authors of the article “Managing Multicultural Teams” (henceforth referred as core article) are of the opinion that cultural…show more content…
This factor can be evaluated more on the research conducted by Prof. Terence. With the above mentioned challenges it is clear that multicultural teams if not managed properly can often produce management dilemmas. A multicultural team is like a fruit salad bowl in which if a single bad fruit spoils all other fruits eventually in that bowl. If corrective actions are taken at right time the same multicultural team can come up with great outputs. The author of core article describe that the manager can utilise these corrective measures by implementing to 4 different strategies – Adaptation, Structural Intervention, Managerial Intervention and Exit. The above strategies can be explained by a real life example. This example illustrates how efficiently managers can manage multicultural teams. Couple of years back I had worked on offshore platforms for six months. They were owned by Oil and Natural Gas Company (ONGC) in India. There are around 22-23 oil and gas exploration platform under “Bombay High” sector. Though the onshore management is almost Indian, offshore sites have a great mix of people from different cultures. The mechanical parts are maintained by Germans, deep sea divers are Russians, people drilling oil and gas wells are Arabians, and some experts from western countries and Australia also work there for different purposes. In the above mentioned environment where people with different
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