Multiculturism Just Got Schooled Essay

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Multiculturism Just Got Schooled Multiculturism in its truest form involves more than one culture coexisting in solidarity. This idea seems a little too farfetched for the average human, but Americans do all they can do be the most diverse country on the earth. In They’ve got to be Carefully Taught, Susan Brady Konig describes her experience with Multiculturism Month at her daughter’s pre-school. During the entire month, the class emphasized the differences in color and culture between people, which Konig found ridiculous. She commented in her article, “…kids are at that remarkable age when they are thoroughly color blind…” (51). So, why take away the innocence in that early of an age? Exposure to diversity is inevitable in America, so…show more content…
If the family still does not practice the culture, then they are not African. They take part in the culture which they grow up in: which is American.
Today, becoming culturally aware at an early age will create more conflict in the future regarding racism. Teaching that we all are all different from one another will only do each other harm in the long run. If Americans do teach multiculturism, the minds of younger children would evolve to think it would be awesome to be a certain race and uncool to be another. It is important for students to understand that it is okay to affiliate with different cultures and learn from them. To learn from another is to grow as a person and be successful in life. According to the past, when racism was prominent in society, Americans are actually doing well in becoming more diverse. More people are learning how to work with others and respect others’ ideals. In her article, Susan Konig tries to sing the song of her little daughters’ people, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. She states, “I stand there in my baseball cap and sing my song. The teacher tries to rush me off” (53). If there is a multiculturism week, should there also be American culture? Most preschoolers do not know their own culture anyway, so the experience would give them a chance to compare. But, comparing cultures let children get a head start on seeing how different they are from each other. That is why it is important to teach American culture first because
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