Multidimensional Anxiety Scale For Children 1st Edition

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Test Evaluation Form
Test Name: Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children 2nd Edition
Author(s): John S. March
Publisher: Multi-Health Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 950, North Tonawanda, NY, 14120-0950, CUSTOMERSERVICE@MHS.COM, .
Grades/ages for which test is appropriate: Ages 8–19
Type of test (Achievement, aptitude, etc.): personality, anxiety
I. Cost (Use Mental Measurements Yearbook)
A. Financial: 2014: $189 per complete hand-scored kit (including manual, 25 each of self-report and parent QuikScore™ forms); $88 per manual (2013, 136 pages); $219 per complete online kit (including manual, 25 self-report and parent online forms); $329 per complete scoring software kit (including manual, scoring software [USB key], 25 each of self-report and parent response forms) (March, 2013).
B. Time: 15 minutes
C. Equivalent (Alternate) Forms: MASC 2-SR and MASC 2-P
II. Standardization
A. Describe the norm group (Size, age, geographical area, diversity, etc.). The data collected from normative samples match the census data of U.S. and Canadian census in relation to race/ethnicity, education level, and geographic region (). The norm group for this scale are separated into three different age groups:8–11 years, 12–15 years, and 16–19 years (March, 2013).
B. Validity: Diagnostic information was derived from the youths to determine any evidence of discriminative validity. ANCOVA and MANCOVA were also calculated to examine whether scores on the MASC 2 could differentiate between…
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