Multidimensional Framework Proposed By Rockquemore And Colleagues

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Lalonde, Loue, & Wilson (2011) purpose was to utilize the multidimensional framework proposed by Rockquemore and colleagues (2002, 2009) to analyze multiracial identity among a broader diverse multiracial sample. The problem was that in terms of social construction of race, this particular framework acknowledged only two “traditional” options of being “Black” or “biracial”. In the introduction, the social significance for the problem was successfully identified and the intended problem was connected well with the purpose. It was stated that having a multiracial identity that is validated by others was associated with higher levels of identity integration and self-concept clarity. This led to the assumption that understanding how multiracial identity selection is related to the way self-understanding is organized and structured, and the need to explore identity selection patterns and self-understanding across mixed-race groups is highly significant. By examining a broader range of multiracial participants, Lalonde, Loue, & Wilson (2011) are hoping to determine whether racial identity gives a person sense of self as well as a sense of belongingness to a group. In the introduction Lalonde, Loue, & Wilson (2011) a large amount of significant background information was presented. The descriptions of multiracial identity, monoracial singular, biracial border, multiple choices protean, and beyond race transcendent, were essential and guided the understanding of selection of
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