Multidisciplinary Approach Essay

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To effectively diagnose and treat a patient, appropriate attention from an expert in that discipline is needed. It is important for each discipline to share their areas of competence to contribute to the overall needs of individual patients. Multiple models of working relationships are used among disciplines and in various settings to benefit individuals across the lifespan (Satin, 1994). For example, working with special populations in a school, the interdisciplinary approach (Individualized Education Program [IEP] team) is commonly used (J. Smart, personal communication, August 31, 2016). Ultimately, the model should be chosen based on what the patient will benefit most from. The two models that will be further discussed are multidisciplinary…show more content…
Professionals from different disciplines gather information separately to complete a diagnoses and/or treatment, and then converse with the patient from their own profession’s perspective (J. Smart, personal communication, August 31, 2016). A professional using this type of approach creates individual goals and treatment plans for their patient (Körner, 2010). However, if an additional concern or diagnoses develops that is outside of the professional’s discipline, a referral is sent out to another professional with the expertise in that particular area to achieve optimal patient outcomes (J. Smart, personal communication, August 31, 2016). Thus, strong communication and interactions between professionals when referring a patient are necessary in order reach set goals for the patient (Körner, 2010). Advantages to the multidisciplinary approach includes cost and time effectiveness, due to having an obligation to meet regularly with other professionals to discuss a particular patient’s condition for a period of time (J. Smart, personal communication, August 31, 2016). When using the multidisciplinary approach, it is imperative for a professional to understand his/her own discipline and its realm, but also important for them to minimally understand other disciplines to know when it is necessary to refer your patient to an expert in a different
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