Multidisciplinary Human Services

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Human Services is a disciplinary geared towards meeting the needs of people from multiple knowledge bases (“What is human services?,” 2013). Multidisciplinary human services is an approach involving a variety of disciplines to address a topic or problem ("Multidisciplinary Human Services Specialization," n.d.). Each human being spends a substantial amount of time in roles as members of groups or organizations. Roles are performed according to a set of role expectations within groups or organization. Groups and organizations delineate role expectations as norms, rules, or possibly policies that dictate rewards and consequences depending on individual’s role-play. Role theory, social exchange theory and system theory are commonly used theories in human services use to explain roles, roles expectations, and the cost and benefits of roles in social relationships.
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First, it will provide a brief summary of the school approved dissertation topic. Then, it will discuss the use of theories as a framework for conducting research. Next it will compare and contrast the three theories’ strengths, weakness, and assumptions to research in the field of multidisciplinary human services: social exchange theory, role theory, and systems theory. Looking at the three different theories’ strengths and weaknesses to study will help to determine which is most suited for the proposed study. From there, it will analyze the implications of role theory for the school-approved dissertation topic. In conclusion, the paper will provide a rationale as to why role theory is best suited for the school-approved dissertation
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