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Advanced Statistics has always been an intriguing and complex concept to study. In recent years, statistics educators have focused attention on rethinking the process of statistics education at both the college and pre-college levels. Research suggest that while statistics educators have focused on improving the cognitive side of instruction, i.e., the skills and knowledge that students are expected to develop, little regard has been given to non-cognitive issues such as students' feelings, attitudes, beliefs, interests, expectations, and motivations. Despite the difficulty of fully understanding statistics, it is one of the most important things that you can study. Statistics is the science of learning from data and just about everything you do includes data. Due to the large number of students reporting feelings of stress and anxiety, McGrath, Ferns, Greiner, Wanamaker, and Brown (2015) conducted a study on students taking Advanced Graduate Psychology Statistics Courses. The purpose of the study was to examine how to reduce anxiety and increase self-efficacy with an Advanced…show more content…
I believe that the title of this article is appropriate and clear. The abstract provided valuable information pertaining the purpose, background and justification for this study. As a current student taking advanced statistics, I understand the need for this research. I found the article to be very relevant and rich with literature. The authors assumed that a multifaceted approach would make students experience in advanced statistics more enjoyable. Multifaceted teaching framework entails using an orientation letter, addressing the challenges of learning statistics, and personal anecdotes. In summation, I believe that this was a great article. It provided insight on ways to make advanced statistics courses more pleasant and easier to navigate through. I think current and future students who take advanced statistics should read this
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