Multifaceted Intervention Essay

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In a pre-test, post-test research study conducted by Tillekerante et al. (2015), a multifaceted intervention targeting health care personnel was implemented to reduce CA-UTI incidence at a 169-bed, low economic hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. Surveillance activities were conducted in the 4 medical wards of the hospital, which contain a total of 48 male beds and 48 female beds. Active surveillance was carried out on the medial wards to determine the base line rate of symptomatic CAUTIs. Surveillance was conducted over an 8-week period form March 2012 to May 2012. It was carried out by members of the study team including 1 infectious disease physician and 2 local, bilingual research assistants trained in surveillance activities. The total number…show more content…
The multifaceted intervention was implemented in the medical wards over a 1 week period following the initial 8 weeks of surveillance. Following the week-long implementation of the intervention, acute surveillance of CAUTIs was again carried out as a part of quality-improvement activity. Surveillance was performed for 7 additional weeks from May 2012 to July 2012. The primary outcome was the rate of CAUTIs per 1,000 catheter-days. Secondary outcomes included the rate of CAUTIs per 1,000 patient-days and catheter utilization rates (days of catheter us divided by total days of inpatient care). These secondary outcomes were measured to detect a decrease in CAUTIs due to a reduction in urinary catheter usage, which may not be apparent form the primary outcome alone. Bivariable analyses were carried out using the t test for continuous variables and the x² test or Fisher exact test for categorical variables. The primary analysis measured whether the intervention was significantly associated with a decrease in CA-UTIs (Tillekerante et al., 2015). A total of 125 patients received urinary catheters as part of routine clinical care during the study period, with 82 in the pre-intervention phase and 43 in the post-intervention phase
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