Multifactor Leadership Style

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The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire measured my leadership style in three major areas. The first area is the transformational leadership Style, which is divided in four factors: Idealized Influence (attributes, and behaviors), where I scored in both four points, Inspirational motivation, in which I made 2 points, Intellectual Stimulation where I got 2 points as well, and finally Individualized Consideration, in which I received 3 points. The second one is the Transactional Leadership Style, which is subdivided in two factors: Contingent Reward, where I got 3 points, and Management by Exception: Active, in which I scored 4 points. The last area is the Passive/Avoidant Leadership Style, which is split in two factors: Management by Exception:…show more content…
2016. P.172). I made the lowest score on this leadership style. I consider my-self a leader who does not wait for things to go wrong before taking action. I like to intervene in my group when projects are not working out. I think it is very important for a leader to not only help followers grow, but also to stay in contact with them and give feedback in order to improve their productivity. In addition, a leader has to be able to take important decisions. Leaders have to be able to risk and take the best decisions that look up for the team. Also, followers should be able to not only discuss important decision with leaders, but also to give different alternatives to solve specific problems.
The results of the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire show that my leadership style is more related to the transformational Leadership Style. I think that the scores are very accurate, since I am a leader who engages with followers to motivate them and help them to improve their performance within the team. Also, I consider that the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire is very helpful to evaluate the different leadership styles presented in the
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