Multilateral Aid And Non Government Aid

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There are millions of people suffering in the world, just under 1 billion people live on less than 2 Australian dollars a day, over 2 billion do not have access to clean drinking water and roughly 150 million child are unable to attend school. The Australian government spent over $5.4 billion on foreign aid links in 2012. Aid is the transfer of necessities to assist others on a local, national or international scale. International aid, which this report focuses on, is the assistance given to a developing country by a developed country, which boosts economic growth and living standards. There are three types of aid; bilateral aid, multilateral aid and non-government aid. Bilateral aid is aid provided by one government to another. AusAID is example of Bilateral aid it is the government body for supplying aid. Its funds come from the taxes the Australian citizens pay. Multilateral aid is aid given by a government to an international agency. Non-government aid is aid provided by a non-government, not-for-profit international aid organization. Some examples of NG0’s include, World Vision, the Red Cross and Oxfam. Australia focuses on supplying aid in areas such as economic growth, education, health, Disaster Response and agriculture. In this report I will be focusing of Australia’s aid links with East Asia with specific focus on Vietnam.

Two thirds of the world’s poorest people live in the Asian Pacific. $1341. 4 million (31%) worth of Bilateral and Multilateral aid…
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