Multilateral Relations Between Africa And Africa

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Africa, once regarded as ‘good for nothing but exploitation’, however, the block has gradually gained modest relations, and aspiring to cultivate a multifaceted partnership with major global political players in all directions from Left-Right, East–West, North-South, and South-South. The two major partners forged their own cooperation are Peoples Republic of China and United States of America and the partnerships they created are known as Sino - Africa relations named ‘Forum on China-Africa Cooperation’ (FOCAC), and US – Africa which is dubbed ‘African Growth and Opportunity Act’ (AGOA) respectively.
Some other multilateral relations with Africa are: Japan-Africa is known as the Tokyo International Conference on Africa’s
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For example, China follows a dualist approach, meaning it aspires to secure good economic and political cooperation with African states as well as, try to emulate friendly relation with the African Union as a block. However, US maintained more tie with African states, with relatively less enthusiasm to strike meaningful cooperation with the Union (Nyang, 2005; Thrall, 2015). It is not to say that America is affected for following more traditionalist approach towards Africa but hopefully, African foreign policy makers and leaders make calculations how they are situated In US foreign policy not only today but also how they were treated historically taken into consideration.
Apart from misinformation about Africa economic potential, the gap, especially between US and Africa in terms of political ideology and of stage of development continue to be the main reasons responsible for the kind policy priorities these partners pursue. However, despite scarce and inaccurate information concerning African economic performance at first, China has consistently involved in African investment venture, while US has been a distant player in real economic terms of engagement as they have not developed the kind of challenge- proof- skin to the African realities being limited to political sphere of influence. As a result of this, China
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