Multilayered Structured Sun

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2. The sun being a multilayered structure has 3 main layers. There is the Chromosphere, the Photosphere and the Corona. The photosphere is mainly the thinnest layer of gas where Earth receives the sunlight from and convection occurs right under the photosphere. The motion of hot materials rising while the cooler materials sink and this causes granulation. Granulation also known as the mottled appearance is the dark regions and that is how the energy inside the sun is transferred out. 7. When looking at the sun you would imagine that the surface would be boiling. But since the surface of the sun is actually pretty cool it causes very few hydrogen atoms to have electrons in the excited states. With the hydrogen atom providing a limited amount of excited electrons it would cause us not to see it on the spectral line. But unlike the hydrogen being abundant, calcium isn’t. Calcium has enough electrons to transfer from the ground state and make an appearance on the spectral lines because it isn’t abundant. 9. We don’t have evidence that sunspots are magnetic but we do know that the sunspots are caused by the magnetic activity amongst the sun. Also with the understanding of the Zeeman effect we can conclude how strong the magnetic fields are that cause the sunspots. In conclusion we see that sunspots are in fact apart of the magnetic field in the layers of the suns atmosphere. 10. To fully understand the sun cycle many scientists use the Babcock model. The Babcock model shows

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