Multilingualism and European Commission

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About 250 million years ago, Pangæa the supercontinent was split up and eventually settled on the current continental configuration. As civilization flourished, the inhabitants developed their own language and culture on each continent. However, trading and getting along with the neighboring communities forced many groups to learn more than their mother tongue. This pragmatic use of multilingualism is especially evident in Sub-Saharan Africa. Today, the benefits of mastering more than one language has influenced other continents such as Europe to incorporate multilingualism into its society. Consequently, in the world’s population, multilingual speakers outnumber monolingual spealers. Despite being so close to Quebec and Mexico,…show more content…
Consequently, multilingualism can unlock the full potential of the single market in terms of better jobs and prosperity (European Commission). Given the appropriate environment, people tend to pick up a new language easily at a young age. Multilingualism doesn’t require complete fluency in another language, or the ability to speak two unrelated languages. The benefits of multilingualism are so stupendous that they extend outside the area of language. Children and elders learning a foreign language have been demonstrated to be consistently better able to deal with distractions, like holding two languages concurrently without allowing words and grammar slip from one to another (Bialystok). Multilingual speakers also develop a greater vocabulary size over time (Kosmidis), a markedly better language proficiency in, sensitivity to, and understanding of their mother tongue (Johnson), and have a better ear for listening and sharper memories (Lapkin, Ratte). Furthermore, evidence has shown that skill in several languages fosters creativity and innovation: multilingual people are aware that problems can be tackled in different ways according to different linguistic and cultural backgrounds (European Commission). They can use this ability to find new solutions. Ultimately, United States needs to acknowledge that the social,

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