Multimedia Data And Its Essential Characteristics

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Multimedia data mining is a popular research domain which helps to extract interesting knowledge from multimedia data sets such as audio, video, images, graphics, speech, text and combination of several types of data sets. Normally, multimedia data are categorized into unstructured and semi-structured data. These data are stored in multimedia databases and multimedia mining is used to find useful information from large multimedia database system by using various multimedia techniques and powerful tools. This paper provides the basic concepts of multimedia mining and its essential characteristics. Multimedia mining architectures for structured and unstructured data, research issues in multimedia mining, data mining models used for
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Text data can be used in web browsers, messages like MMS and SMS. Image data can be used in art work and pictures with text still images taken by a digital camera. Audio data contains sound, MP3 songs, speech and music. Video data include time aligned sequence of frames, MPEG videos from desktops, cell phones, video cameras [17]. Electronic and digital ink its sequence of time aligned 2D or 3D coordinates of stylus, a light pen, data glove sensors, graphical, similar devices are stored in a multimedia database and use to develop a multimedia system. Figure 1 gives the important components of multimedia data mining. Figure 1.Multimedia Data Mining

Text mining Text Mining also referred as text data mining and it is used to find meaningful information from the unstructured texts that are from various sources. Text is the foremost general medium for the proper exchange of information [3]. Text Mining is to evaluate huge amount of usual language text and it detects exact patterns to find useful information.
Image mining
Image mining systems can discover meaningful information or image patterns from a huge collection of images. Image mining determines how low level pixel representation consists of a raw image or image sequence can be handled to recognize high-level spatial objects and relationship [14]. It includes digital image processing, image understanding,
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