Multimedia Database : An Tool For Proper Organization Of Multimedia Entertainment

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In 21st century the entertainment has a huge toll on the people 's industrious life. After their hectic work schedules they started seeking entertainment in different ways. The one form of entertainment is multimedia such as music, TV shows, movies, video games etc... There comes the significance of multimedia database, which is a fundamental tool for proper organization of multimedia entertainment.

Multimedia database is a powerful platform to organize and structure every day multimedia data. Traditionally, a database contains collection of data related to a given entity, while a database management system, or DBMS, is a collection of interrelated data with set of programs used to define, create,
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3.0.1 Multimedia database:
A Multimedia database is a collection of related multimedia data. The multimedia data include one or more primary data types such as text, images, graphic objects(includes drawings, sketches and illustrations) animation sequences, audio and video.[w]

3.0.2 Multimedia database management system(MMDBMS ):
A Multimedia Database Management System (MMDBMS) is a framework that manages different types of data potentially represented in a wide diversity of formats on a wide array of media sources. It provides support for multimedia data types, and facilitate for creation, storage, access, query and control of a multimedia database.[w]

The amalgamation of multimedia data types from numerous sources uniquely characterizes multimedia information systems. The data types found in a typical multimedia database include:
 Text.
 Graphic objects (drawings, sketches and 3D objects).
 Images (black and white, color, photographs, paintings and maps).
 Animation sequences (images or graphic objects, independently generated).
 Video (also a sequence of images, but typically recording a real-life event and usually produced by a video recorder).
 Audio (generated from a hearing device).
 Composite multimedia (constituted from a combination of two or more of the above data types, such as an intermix of audio and video with a textual annotation).
 The characteristics and comparison 's of
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