Multimedia Marketing And Its Impact On The Internet Essay

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Abstract: YouTube is one of the fastest growing websites, which has become the most accessed site over the internet and has become the significant impact on the internet traffic distribution. Multimedia is popular in Entertainment, Education and business. Because of the capability of incorporating various media, and of supporting interactivity and learner control, multimedia is often used in delivering instruction. Multimedia marketing involves a liberal dose of sound effects, voice-over, animation, and music to create an attractive advertising campaign for businesses. In today 's time, this is the best possible option to grow any business be it any small, mid-size or large firms. Almost every business has been able to increase its sales and marketing via internet and mobile devices, as well as are expanding and promoting their products & services with the help of effective multimedia techniques. “With the help of multimedia, including mobile marketing, internet marketing, photo, video, file sharing, live casting, and podcasting - awareness about a company or a brand can be spread in a powerful and positive way. Social media is also one of the most effective tools to spread brand awareness as everything goes viral very rapidly and with lots of special effects. “ [Web Design] In this concept paper I gathered information regarding how YouTube works, its characterization and multimedia files for and multimedia files for YouTube. Contents Introduction 5 5 a. How does
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