Multimodal Literacy And The Classroom

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Multimodal literacy explores the various ways in which knowledge is acquired through the modalities, within two or more of the five semiotic systems. The focus placed on these processes develops a systematic multimodal text. This is important as it encourages the classroom teacher to use various or all of the following methods; linguistic, visual, audio, gestural or spatial to create a multimodal text. E.g. Curriculum & Leadership Journal (,31522.html?issueID=12141) is a website supporting the different modalities and examples of various multimodal texts showcasing the importance of multimodal literacy in the classroom. Multimodal texts are conveyed through three main methods; digital electronic, live or paper. E.g. Creating multimodal texts ( is a website reinforcing the three main methods of multimodal texts and their importance. An example of a contemporary multimodal text is a website or a children’s picture book, which both encompass various aspects of the modalities. These multimodal texts showcase why pedography literacy is gradually going to change and adjust to the current Australian curriculum, as technology continues to become a fundamental part of learning within the classroom. The five semiotic modalities are the key components within multimodal texts and are the various forms of multimodal literacy used to assist students in the process of
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