Multinational Companies: Culture Difference in Organizations

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Culture Difference in Organization. It has been seen over decades the rise of the multinational companies in the global world. It has affected the world in such a way that few of the multinational company’s income are more than the counties national income. This clearly explain you the effect of the globalisation. Multinational companies are not just multinational in their products but also they face many challenges as well and Culture difference is one of the major one .it is very important for any difference to understand the cultural differences within and outside the organisation as it can lead to be a failure of the business .It is very importance to have a close study of what cultural differences a company has to work on to make the…show more content…
Umoren (1996) also argues that language plays a vital success rate in an multinational organisation as the it is very necessary that we are understanding the local needs clearly hence the managers with local experience and local language were more preferred so that the risk factor could have been minimised .it is a very vital thing the products meets the needs of the individual as once the product is locally acceptable that half the job done. Another challenge that the managers faced in regards to the culture was how to market the products .starting from
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