Multinational Companies

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ESSAY PLAN 1. Definition of multinational company which says that a company which serves more than one country at a time and small description about its background. 2. Main body contains:- * Description about how multinational corporations give employment and remove poverty. * Role of these companies in enhancing local economies. * Its impact on globalization. 3. Conclusion- about how multinational corporations are beneficial to the world.
Multinational companies have brought revolution in the world. Their role is very significant in our lives. The multinational corporation is defined as an association or organization which provides its services to not only to one country but to many countries of the
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There is increase in exports and decrease in imports which helped in improving the balance of payment. They have equalized cost of factors of production all over the world. They have provided an effective way of incorporating economics. They purchase the raw materials from different parts of the world which is cheapest in cost. This leads to higher productivity as the access to raw material is easier which eventually leads to higher profit. They provide the best technology and management to the world by competing in global markets. By giving training to its employees, they can transfer their knowledge to them which lead to great work and hence higher productivity. By exporting in large quantities they get large income which helps in increasing the national income of the country. These companies helped in developing relations worldwide. This way they enhanced bonding among people. With the advancement of technology multinational companies produced such kind of products which made our life easier. They provide different range of products for its customers.
Multinational company is also called as transnational company or international company as they do transactions or we can say that they deal with numerous companies all over the world. These companies gave boost to the career people of the world. This way they have provided many benefits to the whole world. These companies have manufactured many products with latest technology for the people. These
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