Multinational Corporations : An Organization Of Economic, Political, Social, And Business Environment

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Globalization is the establishment of economic, political, social, military, scientific or environmental interdependence that span worldwide distances (Steiner). This process has evolved for hundreds of years. However, this trend has rapidly increased over the last century, primarily due the forces of an ever changing society, government, and business environment. Corporations are expanding their business operations all over the world and are evolving into multinational corporations. Companies choose to invest capital for starting, acquiring, or expanding their enterprise to another country predominately for a few factors. Investing capital in a foreign nation can lead to growth. By entering a new market, a new segment of consumers can be reached, leading to new potential customers (Steiner). In addition, corporations can seek efficiencies in a foreign nation. With different resources located all around the world, as well as, generally less strict regulations on business in developing countries, multinational corporations can take advantage of cheaper labor, economies of scale, and other resourcing efficiencies to reduce their overall costs (Steiner).
Boeing, the world’s leader in manufacturing airplanes, rotorcrafts, and space and security systems, exemplifies a corporation taking their business operations internationally. They have acquired, merged, and formed strategic partnerships to expand their presence globally. Since they already sell many of their products to
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