Multinational Corporations And Its Impact On The Environment

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Development projects by corporations have been criticized for damaging the environment, even when they are claimed to helping it. Consequently, financing to such projects has been discouraged due to their impact on the environment. For example, in the 1990s the United Nations (U.N.) engaged corporations in sponsorship and collaboration to encourage support for human rights, development projects, and the environment. However, the projects were criticized because the U.N. incorporated organizations that were known to have caused severe environmental damages and human rights breaches (Bansal & Roth, 2000). The projects thus gave the companies the chance to repair their damaged images, while not practically solving the problems. Multinational corporations have contributed to rise of environmental problems. For example, the Nigeria oil extraction processes have resulted into adverse environmental impacts. Further, corporations have even supported the military to harass citizens who tend to oppose environmental destruction.
Corporations are locked in destructive mode
Corporations are victims of ideologies that are dominant in the mainstream economics that hold the environmental in a certain way. For example, some companies may wish to encourage environmental protection projects but they fear that their competitors might get away with it, due to politics (Gonzalez-Perez & Leonard, 2013). Over-competition is a key threat to the environmental protection projects and policies. Such…
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