Multinational Corporations And Its Impact On Workers

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Multinational Corporations Affect Workers

In the text, International Political Economy, Thomas Oatley and Debates: In Praise of Cheap Labor: Bad Jobs at Bad Wages Are Better than No Jobs at All explain to their readers the different aspects of the political economy. This paper will begin by looking at multinational corporations. Next, the paper will analyze the strengthens and weakness on multinational corporations and its affect on workers. Lastly, the paper will give a personal evaluation on whether the author (s) are convincing or if they are missing certain information.
Multinational corporations occupy a prominent role in the global economy. In the beginning, they emerged as significant and enduring components in the international economy in the nineteenth century. Great Britain was considered one of the largest capital-exporting country during that century. By the year 2008, the number of these corporations was eleven times the number in operation in the early 1980s. Ultimately, the number of MNCs continue to grow within the world’s economy. The decision that these firms make are based on global strategies for corporate success. They are not focused on the conditions within any of these countries in which these firms conduct their business in. Multinational corporations work simultaneously in national political systems and global market. Multinational corporations can place multiple production facilities in multiple countries under the control of a single corporate…
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