Multinational Corporations ( Mnc )

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All companies, specifically Multinational Corporations (MNC), are faced with a progressively complex environment in order to accommodate global economies, accelerated advancements in technology, evolving socio-cultural ideals, rapidly changing demographics and new consumer trends (Goksoy, 2016). In today’s world, it is highly essential for a multinational corporation to respond quickly to the ever-changing environment and to the highly competitive outside forces that affect businesses. Due to all of these factors, change management requires a delicate balance. To offer an example of change, technology has allowed for the quick exchange of information in addition to how employees and managers can attend meetings for work. Moreover, information put out on social media can affect a public company in the stock market. For these reasons and many more, an organization must be able to react and implement change to further the success and status of the company. For the past couple of months, a division manager for Starbucks has been frustrated because the changes he tries to implement have been significantly unsuccessful. As a consultant for the company, the author has prepared a procedural document that the division manager can refer to when such changes need to be incorporated. At the end of every procedure given, the ways in which to overcome resistance to change are included.

Over the course of the past few months, the handful of Starbucks located in the south
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