Multinational Investment Banking And Financial Services

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I chose to look into Citigroup and see how their mission statement matches their actions. According to wikipedia, Citigroup is an “american multinational investment banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Manhattan, New York City.”("Citigroup", 2016) Founded in 1812, Citigroup became the third largest bank holding company after a merger with the Travelers group. Now that we know who they are, we will explore whether or not they are true to their missions statement. Citigroups mission statement is ”our goal for Citigroup is to be the most respected global financial services company. Like any other public company, we 're obligated to deliver profits and growth to our shareholders. Of equal importance is to deliver those profits and generate growth responsibly.” ("Fortune 500 Mission Statements", 2016) Let’s now dive into their website to see if it matches their mission statement. When first opening the citigroup website, the viewer is greeted with what appears to be a slogan or motto: “Progress informed by the past and inspired by the future.” This doesn’t match their mission statement exactly but it doesn’t have to be. It is possible that they are trying to draw customers attention toward the future and not a recent mistake. Either Way, it doesn’t go against their mission statement. As we move further down the page, we see four major categories: progress, ingenuity, responsible finance and leadership. These four categories are all inline with their
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