Multinational Technology Company : Apple Inc.

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As we all know Apple is one of the best and well-known multinational technology company that sells millions of its products worldwide. It’s best known for its computer hardware, computer software, consumer electronics and digital distribution. That to be said when China comes to play a big role in the company this year. As it attacks Apple by its “Great Firewall”. A U.S internet security company named “Palo Alto Networks” found the problem that a software called Xcode “toolkit” that is used by chines developers to run its iOS system was the problem of the Alps being hacked. As the hacking goes on, Apple will not end well as it will face some hard times and difficulties, such as firewall, malware and other possible viruses
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It allows consumers to buy and share applications, music and movies via Apple device (iPad, iPod, Mac and iPod) by using iTunes. Now apple might not be getting the same results from their consumers as the hacking started. Since the code has been released it will have some downfall of its products and services. The side effects can even go worse, not knowing which Apple product is real or fake.

• Employees: Since Apple has launched in 1977 it had 75,000 employees worldwide. Half of them are employed across Canada. Canadian Software developers play one of the most valuable roles in the Apple. Inc industries. They design to make resources to help software developers to make the Mac OS X and IOS. They have a big responsibility to keep the software’s updated and have the best quality to insure. Now, as apple has been hacked the engineers and software developers have many challenges to face. They will be working on finding a better solution for its products before it goes down the market and letting their competitors go up the market.

• Suppliers: Apple’s Canadian suppliers help to achieve Apples goals, by meeting the highest standards for all good and services. Apple values its suppliers a lot. Its Suppliers know the environment is fast-past and competitive. Their suppliers commit and help Apple by the best way they can achieve its goals, not only in the Canadian market but other countries as well. The suppliers can only do so much to know, having
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