Multiobjective Planning of Recloser-Based Protection Systems on DG Enhanced Feeders

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In the last years, distribution automation has gathered a significant relevance in distribution systems planning and operation. The network operator (NOp) looks for a suitable configuration of the feeder topology as well as the system, pursuing the reliability enhancement and a full energy demand supply. Nevertheless, an efficient protection system requires an adequate investment in such devices as reclosers, fuses and sectionalizers. Thus, two conflictive objectives arise, namely, NOp investment minimization and reliability maximization. In this sense, the number and location of devices in the system are critical variables to accomplish preceding objectives. Here, we focus on recloser-based protection systems. Specifically,…show more content…
Hence, it is necessary to apply metaheuristic approaches. The remainder of this paper is organized as follows. In section II efficient planning of NCRs by applying a multiobjective optimization approach is described. The optimization problem formulation is presented in Section III, along with objective functions details. Section IV presents the MOEAs to solve the multiobjective optimization problem. Here, the revised non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm (NSGA-II), and non-dominated sorting differential evolution (NSDE) are detailed. The test system is given in section V, and simulation results are provided in section VI. Finally, conclusions are drawn and future research is suggested. II. MULTIOBJECTIVE OPTIMIZATION APPROACH In most real world optimization problems the solution must to be found considering multiple objectives instead of one. Whereas these objectives are often in conflict, a trade-off relation among them arises. that is, it is necessary to sacrifice the performance of one or more objectives to enhance the other ones. Let us consider, in the context of this paper, the decisionmaking involved in the sizing of the protection system and the placement of NCRs. The amount of protective devices in a DS can vary from any recloser to a few. Let us take two extreme hypothetical cases: 1) non branch has the

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